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Why is the screw an important part of the extruder?

by:TENGDA     2022-11-19

Many people who often purchase and use extruders are familiar with this kind of mechanical equipment. For this kind of mechanical equipment, the screw is an important part of it, and it is the soul of the entire mechanical equipment. For this machine, this part is very important.

1. Determine the melt temperature

First of all, the screw of the extruder determines the melt temperature, and the melt temperature is directly affected by many factors. Among many parts, the screw has a great influence on the overall temperature, while the melt temperature It directly affects the production efficiency of enterprises.

Second, determine the power consumption

In fact, the screw not only determines the melt temperature, but also determines another very important issue, that is, it determines the power consumption, so when we buy an extruder, we should pay attention to the quality of the screw.

Why are the important parts of the screw extruder? Because he can decide two things, one is the melt temperature, and the other is the power consumption, both of which are directly related to the enterprise or the mechanical productivity of the equipment.

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