TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.

Lab Scale Bio Plastics Extruder

These are lab (experiemental)  twin screw extruder for 100% biodegrdadable material, such as PLA/PBAT/PBT/PBS ect.+Starch/CaCO3.

 At present, not only the plastic industry is very concerned about the development of biodegradable plastics, but many famous schools have set their sights on the study of the application of biodegradable plastics. As a result, TENGDA innovatively develops laboratory scale biodegradable extruders. It can be widely used in various polymer modification experiments in laboratories of scientific research institutes, universities,and enterprises. Of course, it can also be used for the factory, which can easily make formulation adjustments and test the feasibility of new formulations. Moreover, the touch-sensitive control system is easy to operate and can be adapted to the required combination according to the needs of the processing task. Compared with the biodegradable plastic extruders used for large-scale production, the design concept of experimental extruders is plug and play mode, and adopts integrated mode. All systems are installed in the base of the mainframe extruder and can be put into use as long as the powder and water is well prepared. 
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