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Maintenance method of co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-09-26

The maintenance of the co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder requires regular replacement of parts. When replacing the tool, pay attention to the gap between the fixed knife and the moving knife. Usually, 0.5MM is better for equipment below 20HP; 0.8MM is better for equipment above 20HP; generally, if the recycled material is thin, the gap can be adjusted appropriately. In order to ensure the sharpness of the knife cut, the knife should be checked frequently to ensure its sharpness, so as to reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by the dull blade. Regularly add lubricating oil to the bearings to ensure the lubricity between the bearings.

The plastic extruder should be installed in a ventilated place to ensure that the heat can be dissipated during the working process of the motor and the equipment will not be damaged; in addition, the equipment should be well grounded to avoid electric shock accidents. Pay attention when restarting: before the second start, the remaining debris in the plastic extruder should be removed to reduce the resistance of starting; the inertia cover and pulley cover should be opened regularly, and the The ash outlet under the flange is cleaned up, because after the powder is discharged, it directly enters the shaft bearing.

Regularly check whether the belt is loose, and if it is loose, adjust it in time. Regularly check the knife screws of the plastic extruder. After one hour of new use, use tools to fasten the screws of the movable knife and the fixed knife, and fix the fixing between the knife holder and the blade.

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