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PP / PE Film Recycling Extruder

In life, packaging bags, shopping bags, and waste agricultural films are very common. Familiar film material is PP or PE, which must be pretreated before granulation. Its usage is extensive, such as hollow boards, turnover boxes, electronics industry packaging and so on. PE, PP film recycling extruder is specially used for recycling plastic PE and PP film after cleaning, such as PE plastic bags, plastic packaging films, plastic shopping bags, agricultural films, etc. There are process of PP and PE film: belt conveyors→ agglomerators → extruders→ hydraulic screen changers→ sinks→ air knives→ vibrating screens → storage silos.

One of the things that needs to be noted when granulating plastic film is that the film must firstly enter the pelletizer and be compressed into a compact state.  Then it can enter the single screw extruder, which can ensure that the extruder has better performance.

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