TENGDA Is a Professional Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers in China.

Production Scale Bio Plastics Extruder

Professional  twin screw granules extruder machine for all kinds of 100% biodegrdadable materials (Free material formula).

At present, the large-scale use of degradable plastic products on the market has been modified or composited, of which PBAT is mainly used with PLA composite, such as the biodegradable plastic bag used in large-scale commercial supermarkets is the composite material of PLA and PBAT. It can be seen from this that the use of biodegradable plastics is very extensive, and the production-type biodegradable extruder is widely used by majority of manufacturers. TENGDA Bio granules production line is equipped with high torque or ultra-high torque gearbox. Besides,deceleration and torque distribution are integrated, and our extruders have new structure design. Imported zero-stress safety coupling can be selected. Based on this technical features,our twin screw extrusions apply widely in modification of biodegradable materials, like PLA/PBAT/PBS etc biodegradable resin +Biomass filler (starch、plant fiber+lignin etc)+ other additives. Another common solution is PLA/PBS blending with starch powder. The configuration of the twin screw extruder is based on the ratio of the respective raw materials and starch. Thus, we equip with the appropriate length-to-diameter ratio, so that the raw materials can be better mixed.
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