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Brief analysis of main machine maintenance precautions of twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-01-06

Nanjing twin-screw granulator manufacturer information: What is a twin-screw granulator? It is understood literally that this is a mechanical machine made by processing, and it is suitable for more delicate processing items. In actual work, twin-screw pelletizers are often used in the processing of rubber, resin and other products.

The twin-screw granulator is a machine composed of multiple parts. So do you know what are the precautions for the operation of the twin-screw granulator? If you don't know, then look down.

1. When the design torque is exceeded, the shear pin is cut off and the transmission box stops working. In addition, it also has a mechanical protection device, generally a nylon shear pin safety coupling. The main motor and the oil pump motor are electrically interlocked. Simply put, if the oil pump motor does not start, the main motor cannot start either.

2. It is strictly forbidden to bring any metal debris into the raw materials produced by the user, otherwise it will seriously affect the operation of the machine, cause the machine to fail to operate normally, and even damage the machine. Shorten the service life of the machine. When the head pressure exceeds the set alarm value, the material pressure alarm signal lights up and the machine stops automatically, which can effectively avoid damage to the machine.

3. When the twin-screw granulator is operating, it is strictly forbidden to use metal objects to clean any material at the opening of the cylinder. This will have a serious impact on the later operation of the machine.

The above is all the precautions concerning the maintenance of the main machine of the twin-screw granulator. From the above content, it can be seen that the maintenance of the main machine of the twin-screw granulator requires a lot of To start with, but also to maintain other parts of the machine. And when we use it, only maintenance and maintenance based on these three precautions can make the machine use longer and use it more smoothly.

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