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Daily maintenance of co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-09-25

Under normal circumstances, after the co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder works for 500 hours, there will be some iron filings or impurities in the gearbox, so you need to clean the gears regularly and fill the gearbox with lubricating oil. When the twin-screw extruder is operating, if the pointer of the meter turns to full scale, then you need to immediately check whether the contact between the thermocouple and other side lines is good. If there is no problem, you need to check what is causing it. . If the operator cannot check it out, then the maintenance personnel must be contacted to deal with it.

In order to extend the service life of the co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder and ensure that there are not too many failures during use, after a period of use, you need to do a comprehensive inspection of the extruder, especially to check all its screws Whether the nut is loose, if so, it needs to be tightened in time. If the twin-screw extruder suddenly encounters a power outage, the main drive and heating of the equipment have stopped, then when the power supply is restored again, you need to heat up each section of the barrel to a specified size. The extruder can be turned on again after the temperature has been maintained for a period of time.

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