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Development of Plastic Extruders

by:TENGDA     2023-01-11
The plastic extruder originated in the 18th century. The manual piston extruder manufactured by Josegh Bramah in England in 1795 for the manufacture of seamless lead pipes is considered to be the world's first plastic extruder. Since then, in the first half of the 19th century, plastic extruders were basically only used in the production of lead pipes, macaroni and other food processing, brick making and ceramics industries.
In the development process as a manufacturing method, the first clear record is that R. Brooman applied for a patent in 1845 to produce Goodwave rubber wires with a plastic extruder. H. Bewlgy of Good Wave Company subsequently improved the plastic extruder and used it in 1851 to coat the copper wire of the first submarine cable between Dover and Calais. In the following 25 years, the extrusion method has gradually become more important, and the manual plastic extruder has been gradually replaced by the electric automatic plastic extruder. The early mechanically operated ram-type plastic extruders produced tens of thousands of kilometers of insulated wire and cable, thus firmly establishing the extrusion method for the production of cables. Nowadays, plastic extruders are not only used in the manufacturing industry, but also in the plastic recycling industry. Early plastic extruders for the production of cables, whether manual, mechanical or hydraulic, were all of the plunger type. In this production process, a plunger presses hot gutta-percha into a die through which the copper wires pass, and the gutta-percha is extruded through the die so that it coats the copper wires to form an insulating layer.

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