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Disassembly and installation method of twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-31
This method is applicable to the disassembly of all twin-screw extruders in the Engineering Plastics Division. The working steps are as follows:
1. Screw flushing
According to the needs, the production team flushes the screw with PP or ps and other materials at a suitable temperature to exhaust the material of the twin-screw extruder.
2. Disassemble the machine head, vacuum cover, glass fiber cover and feeding cover
Stop the screw, turn off the heating of the machine head, remove the screw of the machine head with a suitable tool (loosen the screw slowly, let the pressure of the machine head be released, and avoid the high pressure of the machine head from hurting people), remove the vacuum cover and the glass fiber cover plate, feeding cover, and clean them while they are hot.
3. Clean the machine head and disconnect the snap ring
Use a screwdriver to clean up the material in the cavity of the machine head while it is hot, and use a special tool to loosen the snap ring between the output shaft of the reducer and the screw.
4. Pull out the screw
Use a crowbar, a large screwdriver and other tools to pull out the screw rods with skill, and mark the left and right directions of the two screws, and place them flat on the ground or wood, and turn off the electric heating of the twin screws.
5. Clean the screw
Use copper shovel, steel brush and other tools to quickly clean the screw while it is hot. Be careful not to hit the screw with iron or steel tools, so as not to damage the components of the twin-screw extruder.
6. Combined screw (if necessary)
Use a suitable tool to remove the threaded head of a screw, and lightly tap the threaded elements with a copper rod, remove them one by one in order, and place them in the original order. According to the thread combination drawing, replace the thread element that needs to be replaced, so that the thread combination is consistent with the drawing. When installing threaded components, a suitable high temperature resistant grease (such as molybdenum disulfide) should be applied to the screw mandrel. Tighten the thread head with a suitable tool, disassemble and assemble the second screw according to the disassembly method of the first screw, and check the correctness of the thread combination according to the drawing. And close the two screws, roll the two screws forward and backward 2 times to see if the two screws are tightly combined. If it is not tight, carefully check the correctness of the installation of the threaded elements and adjust them correctly.
7. Clean the cylinder and install
The screw barrel heats up to an appropriate temperature. Use a combined screw to insert into the barrel, drag the screw forward and backward, and clean the screw. Put the two screws in the original (marked) direction, lay them flat and tighten them, and send them into the cylinder smoothly. Use a suitable method to install the snap ring between the output shaft and the screw at a slow speed, rotate the coupling shaft at a slow speed (2~3 laps), and check whether the screw can rotate easily. Install the machine head, vacuum port cover, glass fiber port cover, feed port cover.
8. Check
Make sure the screw is at the right temperature and check that the screw is installed correctly. Slowly start the main engine of the twin-screw extruder (not higher than 20 rpm), and listen to whether there is any abnormal sound from the extruder.

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