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Do you know about these parameters of the twin-screw extruder?

by:TENGDA     2023-02-03
​Extruder parameters

There are many performance parameters of extruder and screw performance indicators, and the more common indicators are as follows:

Do you know about these parameters of the twin-screw extruder

1. 'D' is the diameter of the screw, a key parameter to measure the output size of the extruder;

2. 'L/D', refers to the ratio of the length of the screw to the diameter of the screw, which directly affects the melting degree, and is a sign to measure the main purpose. Generally, plastic modification and processing use about 30-60, usually 35:1.40:1 or 44:1;

3. 'H', the depth of the screw groove, refers to the size of its material holding space;

4. The 'e' thread is thin and thick, and the processing technology is reflected in the cutting size;

5. The gap between '6' screw and barrel, a key parameter of extruder quality, is generally 0.3-2mm, and turning over 5mm extruder is the warning line;

6. 'N' server speed ratio refers to its maximum value, which refers to a production and processing adjustment category, which greatly affects the production volume and the division of high, medium, high and low speed gears;

7. 'P', motor rated power and heating output power.

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