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Do you know the development history of the three-screw extruder?

by:TENGDA     2022-12-22
The screw extruder was born 80 years ago. Today, the screw extruder is still widely used in many industries such as polymer alloy blending, food industry, PVC pipe, pharmaceutical industry, etc. It can be said that the invention of the screw extruder excited the plastic machinery industry, truly revolutionized production, influenced human beings, and created history. After several years of experience accumulation and research, the screw extruder has been constantly innovating on its development path and has made progress time and time again. Below TENGDA Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers will take you to talk about the development of screw extruders.

1. Screw from single to double

1. As early as the middle of the 19th century, extruders had been widely used in industrial production. But the extruders at that time were all single-screw extruders, which were mainly used in the three major fields of porcelain clay, rubber, and food industry.

2. It is found that the efficiency of single-screw extruder conveying materials is greatly affected by the rheological properties of the medium itself, and the material retention at the root of the screw groove is serious, so inventors have been looking for a solution to the above problems.

3. In the 1860s, a French mining engineer named Jean Francisque Coignet proposed a device for conveying and processing clay, which was patented by the United States in 1869. At first he called the device a kneader

2. Twin-screw extruder replaces hydraulic press

1. Eighty years ago, that is, in 1938, Roberto Colombo, the founder of the Italian LMP company, for the first time actually manufactured a twin-screw extruder for polymer processing and used it to manufacture PVC pipes.

2. This is a historic moment! Because before, PVC pipes were all pressed and formed by hydraulic presses. From that moment on, hydraulic presses began to be replaced by twin-screw extruders. And this is just the first attempt of twin-screw extruder.

3. Continue to improve, the first mass production of polymer blending extruder

1. In the 1950s, with several years of research accumulation, W. Meskat and R. Erdmenger and others defined and sorted out some key parameters of the twin-screw extruder, which standardized the theoretical research of the extruder. The following is one of several patents. It can be seen that the extruder at that time was dominated by single-head components, and the application of engaging components was also disclosed in the patent.

2. In 1957, WP Company, which obtained the production license, launched the first ZSK series of twin-screw extruders for blending. means“Twin Shaft Intermeshing Disc Extruder”, At the same time, it also launched an extruder that can be combined with free modules. The extruder was quickly mass-produced.

80 years have passed. In the polymer blending and modification industry, the screw extruder has become the most representative processing equipment. I believe that the future development will be better and better. Well, the above is the introduction of the development of screw extruder by TENGDA Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers.
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