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Failure analysis of twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2023-01-20

The twin-screw granulator is a widely used extruder, but in the planning process, the problems encountered in practice are very confusing, because there are different types of plastics, and their shear speeds, surface viscosities are also different lubricants The fluidity of fillers and fillers varies with varieties and dosages. Everyone who runs a manufacturing company knows that the production equipment is the most important thing. If the twin-screw granulator breaks down, it will affect the productivity and then the sales. Most companies don't want their twin-screw granulator to fail. So, what are the common problems of the twin-screw granulator? We may not know much about this problem. I hope the content organized by the editor below can be helpful to us:

1. The main motor makes abnormal sound

Reason 1: The main motor bearing is damaged.

Solution: replace the main motor bearing.

Reason 2: A SCR in the SCR rectification circuit of the main motor is damaged.

Solution: Check the thyristor rectifier circuit and replace the thyristor element if necessary.

2. The main motor cannot start

Reason 1: There is a problem with the thread of the main motor, whether the fuse is burned. Twin-screw extruder_Twin-screw extruder_Fault analysis

Solution: Check the main motor circuit. Check whether the lubricating oil pump is started, and check the state of the interlock device related to the main motor. Inverter induction power has not been fully discharged, turn off the main power supply and wait for 5 minutes before restarting. Check if the emergency button is reset.

Reason 2: The driving program is wrong.

Solution: Check the program and drive again in the correct driving order.

3. The head pressure is unstable

Reason 1: The speed of the main motor is uneven.

Solution: Check the main motor control system and bearings.

Reason 2: The speed of the feeding motor is uneven, and the feeding amount fluctuates.

Solution: Check the feeding system motor and control system.

4. The host current is unstable

Reason 1: A section of the heater fails and does not heat up.

Treatment method: Check whether each heater is working normally, and replace the heater if necessary.

Reason 2: The screw adjustment pad is wrong, or the phase is wrong, and the components interfere.

Treatment method: check the adjustment pad, pull out the screw of the twin-screw granulator to check whether there is any interference with the screw.

Reason 3: Uneven feeding.

Treatment method: Check the feeder and troubleshoot.

Reason 4: The bearing of the main motor is damaged or poorly lubricated.

Solution: Overhaul the main motor and replace the bearing if necessary.

5. The temperature rise of the main motor bearing is too high

Cause: Poor lubrication of bearings. The bearings are severely worn.

Treatment method: check and add lubricant. Check motor bearings and replace if necessary.

6. The discharge of the machine head is not smooth or blocked

Reason 1: A certain section of the heater does not work, and the plasticization of the material is poor.

Treatment method: Check the heater and replace it if necessary.

Reason 2: The operating temperature is set too low, or the molecular weight distribution of the plastic is wide and unstable.

Solution: Check the set temperature of each section, and negotiate with the craftsman if necessary to increase the set temperature.

Reason 3: There may be foreign matter that is not easy to melt.

Treatment method: clean and check the extrusion system and machine head.

The above is the analysis of the common faults of the twin-screw granulator compiled by the editor. In the next article, the editor will analyze the fault content of the twin-screw granulator in depth to help everyone better.​​​​

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