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Features of single screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-11-12

1. The single-screw granulator integrates compaction, lifting, feeding, extrusion, air-cooling and hot-cutting, and air-cooling to realize automatic continuous operation. Such a single-screw granulator has high production efficiency;

2. The single-screw granulator has internal mixing, feeding and extruding sections. Electric heating, steam heating or hot oil circulation heating technology can be used according to the customer's choice. According to its temperature control requirements, according to the different materials to be produced, the temperature requirements are also Different.

3. The mixer adopts the technology of 'four-edged synchronous wear-resistant mixing chamber', which has high efficiency, low energy consumption, sufficient plasticization and uniform dispersion;

4. The feeding device adopts the company's unique technology, which can assist in the mixing of the mixed materials, and force-feed the single-screw extruder to improve the granulation efficiency and quality;

5. The drive of double-cone screw and single-screw adopts AC frequency conversion technology, which can adapt to various technological requirements;

6. The front part of the machine head adopts a hydraulic quick screen changing device, which saves time and effort, and is environmentally friendly;

7. The granulator adopts a rotary cutter head and a fine-tuning device for air-cooled hot granulation;

8. The cooling of pellets is conveyed by cyclone separator and roller cooler or disc vibrating screen;

9. The electronic control system adopts PLC, visual interface and frequency conversion technology to realize full automatic control. Single screw granulator

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