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Four advantages of twin screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-11-10

1. The screw device has strong applicability.

The main device of the twin-screw granulator is the barrel of the twin-screw extruder. , screw arrangement, screen changing structure, exhaust quantity and position, feeding method, electrical control method, etc., the twin-screw granulator can be optimized and reasonably configured. To achieve multi-function, multi-purpose plastic granulator to adapt to the processing of polymer materials.

2. Forced lubricating device, which can ensure the stable and reliable operation of the main engine.

The twin-screw granulator has a new type of deceleration distribution transmission system, high torque design, high-precision gear processing, imported parts for the main bearings, reasonable oil-immersed lubrication of the twin-screw granulator combined with forced lubrication devices for key parts, and interlock protection devices, To ensure reliable and smooth operation of the host.

Third, the bearing capacity is relatively large.

The twin-screw granulator makes full use of the limited space to design the new involute spline structure mandrel to ensure the largest bearing capacity, and the twin-screw granulator realizes high torque transmission.

Fourth, the self-cleaning function is excellent, which is beneficial to the processing technology of polymer materials.

The twin-screw granulator adopts the computer-aided design of the screw elements of the meshing conjugate type. With excellent self-cleaning function and good interchangeability, the specifications of the twin-screw granulator include conveying blocks, mixing blocks, kneading blocks, countercurrent blocks and toothed discs. Realize the transportation of materials. Plasticizing, shearing, dispersing, homogenizing, exhausting, building pressure, etc., to realize the technological process of polymer materials. Twin Screw Granulator

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