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Functional principle of twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2023-01-21

The twin-screw granulator is widely used because of its good feeding characteristics and melting ability. What are the functional principles of the twin-screw granulator?

First, the principle of construction

The basic principle of the extrusion process for the twin-screw granulator is that an extrusion screw rotates in the cylinder and promotes it forward. The screw structure of the extruder is tightly coiled around the center layer. There are many problems to be overcome in the actual operation of the screw granulator. One is to get rid of solid particles on the cylinder wall, the second is the adhesion of the melt to the inner wall of the cylinder, and the third is when the melt is pushed forward. Friction resistance of its internal structure flow.

Second, the principle of speed reduction

In most twin-screw granulators, it is adjusted to complete the transformation of the efficiency of the extrusion screw. If the deceleration rate does not match the product workpiece, it will consume too much kinetic energy. This is likely to require adjustment and replacement, and reduce the speed at the top of the efficiency. The pulley block is lifted between links, and its lift makes the efficiency of the extrusion screw greater than the previous one, which increases the energy that can be used to reduce the current and prevents motor failure.

Third, the principle of ambient temperature

The principle of extrusion from a twin-screw granulator is thermosetting, because it needs to be heated during the extrusion process to ensure that it can reach the corresponding ambient temperature, so where does the melting heat come from? First of all, the pound feed heating and barrel mold heating equipment can function and are more critical in operation. In addition, the heat generated in the screw cylinder of the rotary extruder is also a key heat source.

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