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Heating and Cooling Methods for Plastic Extruders

by:TENGDA     2023-01-13

​Heating and cooling are necessary conditions for plastic extrusion to proceed smoothly. In order to keep the plastic extruded within the temperature range required by its processing technology, it is generally achieved by continuously adjusting the temperature of the material in the barrel of the plastic extruder by means of heating or cooling.

The barrel heating of the plastic extruder is to provide heat for the plasticization of the raw materials in the barrel, and the barrel cooling is to prevent the raw materials from being extruded and frictionally plasticized to generate excessive heat and increase the temperature. Alternate use of heating and cooling can control the heat of the barrel of the plastic extruder within the process temperature range required for the plasticization of raw materials, ensuring the normal and continuous production of the plastic extruder. Barrel heating methods: resistance heating, electric induction heating, heat carrier heating. There are two cooling methods: water cooling and air cooling.

Small size, light weight, easy assembly and disassembly, high heating temperature, long service life, moisture-proof, shock-proof and explosion-proof performance.
However, Shiyan Machinery’s plastic extruder adopts the air-cooling method, mainly using air cooling, that is, an electric blower is used to supply air, and the wind is blown to the part of the barrel that needs to be cooled, and the heat of the barrel is taken away, so that the barrel can achieve the purpose of cooling. , but the cooling rate is slow.

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