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How should the degradable twin-screw extruder be operated?

by:TENGDA     2022-09-22

The degradable twin-screw extruder runs normally. To adjust the screw and the engine, the temperature must be adjusted. The temperature cannot be too high, and the temperature cannot be too low. If the temperature is too high, the plastic will melt. Destruction of parts of machinery and equipment. In the case of starting operation, turn on the machine at a low speed, check whether there is any abnormal noise in the equipment, whether there is a load condition on the galvanometer, and check whether the index value of the barometer is normal, so as to prevent the machine and equipment from rotating at a high speed for a long time to prevent damage. Machine equipment parts.

Before starting, the corresponding preparations should be done. The plastic granulator machinery and equipment, the extrusion raw materials needed in the whole process of application must meet certain dryness regulations. If the application specifications cannot be met, be sure to do a good job of drying. It also has machine equipment model specifications, and the machine equipment parts are installed according to different specifications, models and specifications, and the installation sequence is strictly implemented. Install the compressed air pipe in the equipment, install the core mold electric heating rod motor electric heating coil, and check the water system software. Adjust the space size of the die opening and other areas to ensure that the gap is uniform, and make sure that the two ends are aligned with the axes of the server machinery and boiler auxiliary machinery.

After the degradable twin-screw extruder is manufactured, the plastics of the machinery and equipment should be squeezed cleanly, and the switching power supply of the machinery and equipment should be turned off. The internal structure of the machinery and equipment, each part is cleaned, and after cleaning, a certain amount of car oil should be wiped on the parts for maintenance. After cleaning and maintenance, it is important to install the machinery and equipment. Removal and maintenance work is an important part of the whole process. Due to reliable cleaning and maintenance, the service life of the machinery and equipment can be increased, and the machinery and equipment can be used in the next application process. , make sure everything is working properly.

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