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How to choose a plastic extruder?

by:TENGDA     2022-12-27
​ With the development of society and economy, the times have developed. Plastic and injection molding products are indispensable in daily life, industrial production and construction projects. The recycling of a variety of plastics and the processing of mixed-color plastics can produce more wear-resistant, high-quality, and high-yield famous products. Therefore, plastic extruders can process waste plastic films, packaging bags, buckets, and mineral water bottles. , a variety of daily necessities, etc., are the most widely used and popular plastic recycling processing equipment. So in the face of many types on the market, how to choose a plastic extruder manufacturer?

1. Establish the types of plastics and the overall target production volume for plastic processing. Before buying an extruder, determine the type and quantity of your own plastic processing. Because plastics with different properties have different requirements for melting and extrusion pressure, it is very important to choose an appropriate extruder.

2. Carry out on-site technical investigation of selected manufacturers. After selecting a suitable plastic extruder, you should go to the manufacturer to visit and investigate, investigate the manufacturer's business scale and overall strength, evaluate the manufacturer's user evaluation and the quality of the equipment, and ensure that you can buy a machine with high cost performance equipment.

3. Ensure sound after-sales maintenance services. After choosing a plastic extruder, don't rush to pay, but ensure that the manufacturer provides comprehensive after-sales maintenance services, so that you can avoid worries.

4. Go to the place where the manufacturer has sold before to investigate and see the operation status of your equipment. Don’t worry about the long distance, which will consume economic development and time. If there is a problem with the quality of the plastic extruder, the resulting payment The cost will be greater.

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