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How to Choose the Right Extruder Screw Design for Your Application

by:TENGDA     2023-06-26

Extruders are widely used in several industries, from food to plastics. Choosing the right extruder screw design for your application can be challenging, but it is crucial to achieve the desired results. In this article, we will explore the most important factors to consider when selecting an extruder screw design.

1. Understanding Extruder Screw Design

An extruder screw design is tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry and the corresponding application. The screw is a critical component of the extruder machine and plays a crucial role in melting, mixing, and homogenization of the raw materials (plastics, food, or chemicals) fed into the machine.

The screw design impacts the temperature, flow rate, mixing ability, shear stress, energy consumption performance, and ultimately, the quality of the end product. Therefore, the design of the extruder screw should be based on the type of material, desired output, and final product properties.

2. Material Properties

The material properties of the raw materials fed into the extruder are critical in determining the screw design. The bulk properties of the material such as the viscosity, melting point, and thermal conductivity have a significant impact on the screw design. If the material is viscous, a screw with a higher degree of compression is necessary to achieve the desired pressure build-up. Conversely, if the material is weakly viscous, a screw with a lower degree of compression is ideal.

3. Output Rate

Output or production rate is an essential consideration in choosing the right extruder screw design. The screw design must cater to the required output rate without compromising the quality of the end product. A higher output rate necessitates the use of screws with a higher degree of compression to facilitate the required pressure build-up and mixer concept.

4. Product Quality

Product quality is an essential factor in determining the appropriate extruder screw design. Different products have varying requirements for mixing and uniformity. Products with low mixing requirements can use a basic continuous screw design. However, products that require high levels of mixing would necessitate the use of screws with a high degree of mixing.

5. Temperature

Temperature is a vital consideration when choosing an extruder screw design. The temperature at which the extrudate is processed determines the extent to which the raw materials undergo decomposition, viscosity, and melt temperature. Materials that require high shear deformation and heat will benefit from a screw design that has a high degree of compression and mixing.

Design Types

Single Flights Design

Single-flight extruder screw designs are the most basic screw designs in the market. They are ideal for processing materials with low viscosity and lower output rates. This screw design comprises only one bulkhead flight on the screw surface and comes with lower compression degrees.

Double Flight Design

The double-flight screw design comprises two flight patterns. These designs have increased output rates and pressures and are ideal for low to medium viscosity materials. The screw has a low to medium compression degree, making it applicable for different materials with varying density

Tri-Lobe Design

The tri-lobe extruder screw design is ideal for materials that have high viscosity and require high levels of mixing. The screw design has three lobes that are separated by deep mixing channels. The tri-lobe design screws come with varying compression degrees for different applications.

Barrier Design

The barrier screw design is ideal for materials that require high pressure build-ups to achieve plasticization. The Barrier Screw design comprises of a modified screw structure consisting of a groove on the compression starve's surface. This creates a barrier and creates puls-holding using backpressure.

Maddox Mixing Screw Design

The Maddox Mixing screw design is ideal for materials that require high levels of mixing. It is commonly employed in the food and chemical industries. This screw design generates minimum heat, which is crucial in processing temperature-sensitive materials.


Selecting the right extruder screw design is a critical decision since it determines the quality of the end product. Parameters such as material properties, output, and temperature play a significant role in determining the optimal screw design. Screw designs such as single flight designs are appropriate for low viscosity materials, while the Tri-lobe screw design is ideal for high-viscosity materials. The Maddox Mixing screw design is essential for temperature-sensitive materials and the barrier screw design for materials that require high pressure build-ups. By considering these factors, one can make an informed decision when selecting the right extruder screw design for their application.

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