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How to clean the screw barrel of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-12-27
Plastic extruders play the role of extrusion molding in the production of plastic products, but there are often some production problems in the production process due to various reasons. The screw barrel of the plastic extruder directly affects the extrusion pressure in the screw barrel, so if it is not cleaned in time after use, the extrusion will be unstable if it is not cleaned well.

Cleaning the screw barrel is much more convenient and simple than cleaning the plastic extruder screw, but it is also very important:

1. When preparing to clean the screw barrel of the plastic extruder, the temperature of the screw barrel is also set at 200°C;
2. Screw the round steel brush to the drill pipe and hand electric drill to form a cleaning tool, and then wrap the steel brush with copper wire mesh;
3. When inserting the cleaning tool into the screw barrel, sprinkle some stearic acid into the barrel, or sprinkle stearic acid on the copper wire mesh of the cleaning tool;
4. When the copper wire mesh enters the screw barrel, start the electric drill to make it rotate, and at the same time artificially make it move back and forth until such forward and backward movement becomes no resistance;

5. After the copper wire mesh is removed from the barrel, use a tuft of pure cotton cloth to wipe back and forth in the barrel to remove any cleaning resin or fatty acid residue; Even if it is done. Plastic extruder screws and barrels that have been completely and thoroughly cleaned are ready to be assembled for the next production run.

The above is the little knowledge shared by TENGDA Plastic Machinery. Thank you for watching and loving. Follow me to learn more about plastic extruder science.

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