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How to clean twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-12-26
Last time we talked about the cleaning items that cannot be used when cleaning the plastic extruder, many friends will ask, what are the cleaning supplies, and what is the process of cleaning the screw? Ok, this time let's talk about the details of cleaning the screw.
Today, with the highly developed commodity economy, there is no shortage of various twin-screw extruder cleaners (extruder screw cleaners) on the market, but most of them are expensive, and the actual effect after use varies. Whether to use commercial cleaning agents depends on different manufacturers and production conditions; plastic processing factories can also use different resins as extruder screw cleaning materials according to their own production conditions. In fact, most of the cleaning resins have the same effect. Only the material of the screw needs to be selected in a targeted manner. Choosing the right one with the right price can save the company a lot of money.
Before cleaning the screw, it is necessary to confirm that the equipment is safe on the ground, and the operator's preparations are completed. The first thing to clean the screw of the plastic extruder is to close the feeding plate, that is, to close the feeding port at the bottom of the hopper; then reduce the screw speed of the extruder, the editor recommends to reduce it to 15-25r/min, and keep this speed Until the melt flow at the front of the die stops flowing. At this time, the temperature of all the heating zones of the barrel should be set at 200°C. The temperature of 200°C is only recommended by the editor. If the residual material is too hard or the material is special, the temperature can be increased appropriately. When the barrel reaches this temperature, start cleaning immediately.
Depending on the extrusion process (the die head may need to be removed to reduce the risk of excessive pressure at the front of the extruder), cleaning must be done by one person: the operator observes the screw speed of the extruder from the control panel and torque, and watch the extrusion pressure to make sure the system pressure is not too high. During the whole process, the extruder screw speed should be kept within 20r/min. In the application of low-pressure dies, the dies cannot be removed for cleaning at first. When the extrudate is completely converted from the processing resin to the cleaning resin, immediately stop the operation of the equipment and remove the die, and then restart the extruder screw (within 10r/min), in order to let the residual cleaning resin flow out.
This is the cleaning process of the twin-screw extruder. If the cleaning work is done well, the next work will be smoother and the service life of the equipment will be longer.

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