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How to clean up residual plastic in plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-14
After using the plastic extruder, there will be a small amount of waste gas residual plastic. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will stick to the screw, and it will stick to it after cooling, which will affect the next use. Because there are not many residual plastics, using fire or roasting to remove the residual plastics fixed on the extruder screw is the most common and effective method for plastic processing manufacturers, but it must not be used to clean the extruder screw with an acetylene flame. Because the temperature of the acetylene flame can reach 3000°C, if the acetylene flame is used to clean the extruder screw and the control is not good, it will not only damage the metal quality properties of the extruder screw, but also significantly damage the mechanical quality of the extruder screw. .
If the acetylene flame turns into a persistent dark blue when baking a certain position of the extruder screw, it means that the metal structure of the position of the extruder screw has changed, which will cause the wear resistance of the position to decrease. Even the wear-resistant layer is separated from the base metal. In addition, partial heating with the acetylene flame will also cause the temperature of one side of the extruder screw to be too high, which will cause the deformation of the extruder screw. Most extruder screws have very tight tolerances, typically within 0.03mm.
Most of the straightness of the extruder screw is within 0.01 mm. When the extruder screw is baked and cooled by the acetylene flame, it is generally difficult to return to the original straightness. The correct and effective method is to use a blowtorch to clean the extruder screw immediately after use. This is because the extruder screw contains heat during processing at this time, so the heat distribution of the extruder screw is still uniform.

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