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How to maintain the plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-01-09
Plastic extruder is a fixed asset investment, high frequency of use, reducing the number of extruder maintenance, replacement parts, extending its working life, is an important measure to reduce production costs and improve economic benefits. The equipment can be in a better condition for a long time, and the quality of plastics and the stability of the output are the basic conditions to ensure a higher profit for the production enterprise. So daily maintenance is extremely necessary, so let's talk about how to maintain. First of all, operate in accordance with the regulations when using it. During daily use, you must follow the procedures and take care of the equipment. No debris is allowed in the material, and sharp and hard objects such as metal and sand are strictly prohibited from entering the hopper and extruder to prevent damage to the machine; when opening the barrel cover or exhaust cap, beware of foreign objects falling into the host; The extruder is the same as other machines. It must have a preheating time when it is just turned on. After reaching the process setting temperature, it must be kept at a constant temperature for 5-15 minutes, so that the equipment is fully preheated before use. After that, the screw is only allowed to start at low speed, and the idling time cannot exceed 3 minutes. Second, pay attention to daily maintenance. Routine maintenance is often done, on the one hand, it depends on the operators of each production shift to complete. For example, the equipment must be inspected every time it is used in shifts, lubricated, wiped off equipment oil, and tightened screws. On the other hand, professional maintenance should be carried out regularly, such as cleaning and scrubbing various parts; opening the gearbox, rolling bearing gland, cleaning and changing the oil; correcting the temperature difference of the temperature display instrument with a mercury thermometer, etc., to ensure that the plastic is squeezed The performance of the machine is intact. In short, the maintenance of plastic extruders lies in daily maintenance and careful use. On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the workers’ awareness of safe operation and operate in accordance with the regulations. On the other hand, they should strengthen the workers’ awareness of cherishing the equipment and reduce the risk of damage during daily use. Man-made damage to the machine.
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