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How to maintain the three-screw extruder?

by:TENGDA     2023-07-01
In the application of a three-screw extruder, there are many key factors that cause the wear of the extruder screw. These key factors include the processing temperature of the barrel, the rolling friction between the material and the screw, the appropriate adjustment of the speed, and whether the material contains calcium carbonate or glass fiber, etc. So how to maintain the three-screw extruder?

How to maintain the three-screw extruder?

1. Because the three-screw extruder has high requirements, the electrical system should be separated from the manufacturing site, and ventilation or ventilation fans should be installed. It is recommended to place the electric control cabinet in a simple room, keep the room clean and ventilated, and keep the indoor temperature not higher than 40°C.

2. The three-screw extruder is not allowed to run idly to prevent the coarsening of the screw and barrel. Run the main engine at low speed first, check whether there is any abnormal noise after running the main engine, and then gradually increase the speed of the main engine to the allowable range of the processing technology. During the running-in period of the new machine, the current load will increase to 60-70% in normal use, and the current should not exceed 90%. Note: If there is abnormal noise during the operation of the extruder, the equipment should be stopped immediately for inspection or repair.

3. Turn on the oil pump before starting the machine, and turn it off after stopping the operation of the equipment; the water pump shall maintain the working state during the whole production process, and the water pump shall not be stopped. Too much dust adheres to block the hood, resulting in insufficient heat dissipation of the motor and tripping due to over-temperature.

4. Timely remove the dirt, tools and sundries on the surface of the unit. It is strictly required to prevent metal or other debris from falling into the hopper to prevent damage to the screw and barrel. In order to prevent iron impurities from entering the cylinder, a magnetic piece or a magnetic frame can be installed at the inlet of the cylinder. In order to prevent foreign matter from falling in, the materials must be screened in advance.
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