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How to maintain the twin screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-01-10

Information about twin-screw granulator manufacturers: In people’s lives, perhaps you have never heard of a twin-screw granulator. But in fact, the products produced by the twin-screw granulator can be seen everywhere in our lives, which provides great convenience for our lives and work. The twin-screw granulator is mainly used for filling, modifying, adding, chlorinating, blending, polypropylene and superabsorbent resins of rubber, plastics and engineering resins, and plays a huge role in its production field.

So, how to maintain the twin-screw granulator? What are the matters needing attention in it? Next, the Nanjing twin-screw granulator manufacturer-Tengda Machinery will explain it for you.

The maintenance content of the twin-screw granulator includes:

1. Regularly check the temperature rise of the motor and the fuel tank in time to see if there is any overheating.

2. Regularly clean the oil filter, clean up the dirt deposited in the fuel tank, and regularly add lubricating oil to the lubrication points.

3. After replacing and installing new gears, the oil should be replaced with new oil, and the oil should be replaced every 4000 hours of operation.

4. Check the general condition of the cooling water, as well as the wear, temperature and pressure of the screw and barrel, and report for repair in time if there is any situation.

5. Check the wear and tear of the porous plate and the corrosion on the surface of the runner to prevent blockage.

6. Check if there is any leakage at the sealing part, if it happens, it needs to be replaced.

7. Since the separation tank will produce viscous materials and remain in the tank, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

8. Cooling facilities, cooling equipment, filters, and water tanks need to be inspected and cleaned regularly, and replaced with new water.

This is the maintenance content of the twin-screw granulator. You must pay attention to these problems in the use of the twin-screw granulator. Use twin-screw granulator to create a brighter future, contribute to our production and life, and provide assistance for the development of science and technology! For more knowledge of twin-screw granulator, welcome to visit the official website of our Nanjing twin-screw granulator manufacturer-Tengda Machinery for consultation.

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