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Learn about the device of the degradable extrusion granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-10-18

Auxiliary equipment for degradable extrusion granulation The different uses of the extruder unit lead to different selections. Only by choosing the appropriate auxiliary equipment can it play a greater role.

The cooling method of the degradable extrusion granulator usually adopts water cooling, and quenching is the direct cooling of cold water. The quenching is caused by sudden heat cooling, which often leads to cracks during use. Therefore, in ordinary plastics, quenching is usually not recommended. In this method, only the PVC plastic layer will use the cooling method of quenching.

Core preheating is necessary for both jacket extrusion and insulation extrusion. The high temperature preheating of the wire core before extrusion can completely remove the water and oil on the surface. For the insulating layer, during this process, no pores can be allowed to exist.

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