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Learn about the mixing principle and product advantages of twin-screw accessories!

by:TENGDA     2023-06-29
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Do you know where twin-screw accessories are used? It is generally suitable for stirring and mixing products in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, feed, fine chemicals, dyes, plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, papermaking, batteries, feed additives, refractory materials, and thermal insulation mortar. So do you know something about the mixing principle of twin-screw accessories? The equipment has two symmetrical spirals, and the rotation and rotation of the spirals cause the material to generate compound motion in the cone. There are mainly four types of motion. TENGDA Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction below. In addition, do you know what product advantages this device has? The advantages are reflected in the excellent discharge device, liquid addition and heating and stirring. Let's learn more about it with TENGDA Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers below.

Mixing principle of twin-screw accessories:

The mixing principle of the twin-screw accessories: the equipment has two symmetrical helices, and the rotation and rotation of the helixes make the materials generate compound motion in the cone, mainly producing four kinds of motion forms, the following is a detailed introduction.

1. Due to the rapid rotation of two asymmetrical spirals, the material is lifted upwards, forming two asymmetrical spiral material flows from bottom to top along the cylinder wall.

2. The cantilever revolves at a slow speed to move the material in a circular motion.

3. The spiral revolution and autobiography cooperate with each other to absorb the material by the spiral rotation and discharge it to the surrounding direction at the same time.

4. The materials that have been lifted to the upper part meet at the lower center to form a downward flow at the center to fill the vacant belt at the bottom.

Product advantages of twin-screw accessories:

What are the product advantages of twin-screw fittings? The advantages are reflected in the excellent discharge device, liquid addition and heating and stirring, the following is a detailed introduction.

1. Excellent feeding device

The machine is equipped with a powder spherical valve or plum blossom misalignment valve. The raised spherical surface of the powder spherical valve fits the running surface at the bottom of the spiral to minimize the dead angle of stirring, and realize the largest caliber discharge port area to ensure the discharge residue. The spherical valve has It has excellent sealing performance for powder, liquid and even negative pressure state; it is equipped with a plum blossom dislocation valve to realize easy operation, control the discharge speed, and can be combined with a long spiral bottom support device.

2. Add liquid

The liquid material can be added into the mixer in the form of atomization by spraying liquid, so that it can be mixed evenly after adding a small amount of liquid. It can also realize spray cleaning after changing ingredients.

3. Heat and stir

The mixer can be heated and cooled during the mixing process to meet the constant temperature requirements of various materials during the mixing process.

The above is the content about the mixing principle and product advantages of twin-screw accessories introduced by TENGDA Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers. If you have any other questions about this twin-screw accessory, you can consult us.
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