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​Performance of twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2023-02-06
What are the performances of the twin-screw granulator? And what can this performance determine?
1. Material properties
1. The material performance of the twin-screw granulator is mainly as follows: excellent electrical insulation (especially high-frequency insulation), white hard and brittle, metal sound when falling on the ground, light transmittance second only to organic glass, coloring and water resistance properties and good chemical stability. It has excellent flame retardancy and is a non-combustible plastic.
2. Average strength, good rigidity, but brittle, prone to stress brittle cracking, not resistant to benzene, gasoline and other organic solvents. The long-term use temperature can reach 260 degrees, and it remains stable in 400 degrees of air or nitrogen. After modification by adding glass fiber or other reinforcing materials, the impact strength can be greatly improved, heat resistance and other mechanical properties are also improved, the density is increased to 1.6-1.9, and the molding shrinkage is as small as 0.15-0.25%. Production of heat-resistant parts, insulating parts and chemical instruments, optical instruments and other parts.
2. Molding performance
1. Twin-screw granulator has amorphous material, which has little moisture absorption, but it should be dried and shaped.
2. The fluidity is between ABS and PC, solidification is fast, shrinkage is small, and it is easy to decompose. The mold temperature is 100-150 degrees. The taper of the main channel should be large and the flow channel should be short. Application range Twin-screw granulator can generally be used to manufacture PPS pipes, PPS sheets and other materials, and is mostly used in construction and home furnishing.
The basic structure of the PPS granulator: 1. Twin-screw host 2. Water-stretched head 3. Conveyor belt 4. Pelletizer 5. Stock bin

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