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Plastic extruder mixing section temperature

by:TENGDA     2023-01-12
​1. For glass fiber system, if the temperature is too low, the epoxy resin will be half-melted, and the glass fiber covering ability will be poor in the second half; High-temperature dissolution, the setting standard: deduct the calorific value of the extruder screw shear input, slightly higher than the melting point of the raw material.

2. Filling system (provide strong shear to fully disperse the filler), the melting section is 10-20°C higher than the melting point of the raw material (as much as possible), so that the raw material in the extruder is fully melted and distributed evenly.

3. For flame retardant, (protect the halogen-free flame retardant), the temperature should be slightly lower, especially for milky white materials, as far as possible.

4. The glass fiber improves the flame retardancy system, and the setting temperature is close to the above two, based on the basic melting point of the raw material.

5. For the aluminum alloy system, the temperature of the plastic extruder is moderately adjusted based on the melting temperature of the two groups, and in consideration of the proportion of the ingredients and the heat sensitivity of the ingredients, etc.

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