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Plastic extruder spiral wear repair technology

by:TENGDA     2023-01-04
Plastic extruder is mainly composed of screw, barrel, hopper, head and mold parts. The screw parts of the plastic extruder are frequently worn out, and the cost of direct replacement is high and the economy is poor. For this reason, TENGDA aims to repair the worn part of the screw of the plastic extruder through an innovative method. So as to save production costs, reduce labor intensity of workers, and improve labor productivity.
The screw of a plastic extruder used by a customer is made of 38 chromium molybdenum aluminum material. After processing, it is subjected to nitriding heat treatment, and its service life is about 300,000 meters. With the increase of orders for magnetic strips, a large number of spirals will be used, and there will be many worn spirals. In the past, the spirals have been repaired and welded, and ordinary carbon steel electrodes are used. The surface hardness is HRC≥40, and the service life is generally 80,000 meters, which cannot prolong the service life. . The factory's magnetic powder is hard, which wears heavily on the spiral, and the cost of spiral processing is high. From the perspective of reducing costs, it is conceived to use suitable welding wire to surfacing on the waste spiral to prolong its service life. After reviewing relevant information, it was decided to use TENGDAkb899 tungsten carbide wear-resistant welding wire for overlay welding on the spiral wear part. Tungsten carbide has high wear resistance and high temperature resistance. After overlay welding, the surface hardness is HRC﹥65, which is suitable for the customer's spiral use environment. To prolong the service life of the screw.
First heat the waste spiral to about 100°C with oxygen fire, and use kb899 wear-resistant welding wire to surfacing the worn part of the spiral. When welding, use DC reverse connection. The diameter of the surfacing welding should not be too large. If it is too large, the welding wire will be wasted, and the subsequent manual grinding The margin is also large, resulting in low labor efficiency. The diameter of surfacing welding should not be too small, too small has no effect. After the surfacing is completed, let the spiral cool slowly in the air, and then grind and polish it with a hand grinding wheel after cooling. After grinding, use a new short sleeve for inspection. If the short sleeve can pass through the repaired spiral, it is qualified. If you can't walk through, continue to polish and polish. After surfacing welding with TENGDAb899 wear-resistant welding wire, the hardness HRC﹥65 was detected.
The customer has repaired three spirals with TENGDA wear-resistant welding wire. It can be applied to the customer's extrusion environment, the surfacing layer will not fall off, and each can extrude more than 210,000 tons.

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