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Plastic extruder spiral welding repair technology

by:TENGDA     2023-01-04
The spiral reamer of the plastic extruder is the main part of the extrusion equipment. During the extrusion process of the product, the load is the largest, the twisting force is the strongest, and the wear on the helical reamer is the most serious. In order to improve the integrity rate and production efficiency of mechanical equipment, make it exert its maximum effectiveness, and create the best production and operation benefits for the enterprise, it is necessary to maintain and repair the screw reamer of the plastic extruder according to the maintenance and repair requirements of the extruder. .
1. Plastic extruder spiral reamer form
The spiral reamer is inlaid on the main shaft with multiple keys. The blades of the spiral reamer are divided into double helix and triple helix. No matter which type is used, the key is to evenly distribute the blades to prevent deviation. Otherwise, the extruder will shake its head and vibrate. And cause the main shaft to bend, power consumption increases.
2. Plastic extruder spiral reamer maintenance
When maintaining the spiral reamer, it is required that the gap between the spiral reamer and the bushing of the extruder mud cylinder is not greater than 3mm. The wear-resistant material layer coated on the front and side of the reamer is required to be smooth and free of spots, so as to reduce the bearing capacity of the spindle, reduce resistance and save power consumption. If necessary, the wear-resistant layer should be polished with a grinder to eliminate the welding layer that can cause resistance.
The surfacing welding material of the spiral reamer of the plastic extruder is Beijing Guben kb899 wear-resistant welding wire, a composite welding wire filled with tungsten carbide particles, a single layer of surfacing welding, and the hardness is as high as 68 HRC. The most wear-resistant welding wire in the whole network, the wear resistance is three times that of ultra-high chromium cast iron.
Beijing Guben kb899 wear-resistant welding wire is selected as the surfacing welding material of the spiral reamer. After repairing according to the maintenance standard, it can generally continuously produce 3 million ordinary bricks.
When the spiral reamer is seriously worn, the clearance of the plastic extruder mud cylinder is increased, which will reduce the output and product quality, and the mud material will rotate in the mud cylinder, causing the extruder to heat up and shake its head, and the power consumption will increase. The most front blade of the spiral reamer is basically polished at this time. Therefore, enterprises should formulate a process system for regular replacement of reamers according to actual conditions, and should not blindly pursue timeliness, and keep in mind the principle of 'sharpening knives is not a mistake in chopping firewood'.

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