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Plastic processing special effect and temperature control of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-09
The physical and chemical effects are relatively stable, the insulation performance is also good, and the price is low. These are the unique characteristics of plastics, so they are widely used in many fields, such as agriculture and forestry, aerospace machinery, food packaging, etc. Of course, the scope of plastic applications is so Widely, the plastic extruder also ushered in a great opportunity and great development. The plastic extruder has a very important position in the plastic processing and production. Of course, it is also used as the main equipment for production. It slowly injects the welded plastic into the inner cavity of the mold with a low injection pressure, and then accelerates it through the cooling system. Forming and curing of the feeding material.
The chemical properties of plastics are different, so there are many factors that affect their quality. For example, the fluidity of molten plastics is different due to their heat resistance, and the density and quality of solidification are different due to different crystallization effects. During the processing of plastics, they will be heated and melted, and the temperature is the most important factor in the processing. If the temperature is too high during processing, the plastic particles will be carbonized during the melting process, resulting in scrapped plastic; if the temperature is too low, the plastic will not be completely melted, resulting in poor fluidity of the melt and uneven solidification, resulting in A large number of defective products, so temperature has a very important impact on the quality of plastic products.
The temperature control of the barrel of the plastic extruder generally uses proportional integral differential (PID) control, but the temperature control system of the plastic extruder is nonlinear and time-varying, and it is difficult to establish a mathematical model. During the operation of the PID algorithm, its parameters are always fixed, and it cannot be adjusted adaptively according to the changes of the system for the time being, so the control technology is still to be developed.

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