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Plastic waste recycling and granulation equipment achieves 'double carbon' goal

by:TENGDA     2023-01-18
The plastic packaging industry is an indispensable industry in our daily life. All commodities in the market need plastic packaging for product protection and preservation. However, with the popularity of plastic packaging and the rapid development of the industry, the problem of plastic pollution has also followed.
Many manufacturers in the plastic packaging industry have gradually realized the problems the industry is facing, and have taken action to take certain measures for the control of plastic pollution. In recent years, using some plastic extruders to recycle plastic waste into pellets has become a hot topic in plastic pollution control. Many recycling manufacturers choose to equip a set of plastic granulator to deal with plastic pollution.
The plastic granulator is suitable for processing all kinds of plastic waste, including HDPE, PP, ABS and other different materials. The production line covers: Crusher, Hot Washing Machine, Friction Cleaning Machine, Separation Settling Tank, Squeeze Dryer, Plastic Granulator, etc. Fully automatic recycling process is adopted to realize automatic production control. The equipment adopts TENGDA configuration, and the failure rate is low, which provides a strong guarantee for the continuous and stable operation of the production line. After cleaning, drying and granulation, it can be returned to the furnace as fuel or remade into plastic products, turning waste plastic containers into recyclable raw materials.
As the country pays more and more attention to the plastics treatment industry, the plastics treatment industry is ushering in good news, realizing the recycling of plastic waste, and choosing a plastic granulator has become a trend in plastics treatment.

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