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Precautions during the operation of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-14

If we do not operate properly when using the plastic extruder, it will reduce the service life of the plastic extruder, so what should we pay attention to when operating the plastic extruder?

1. Special attention should be paid to fire safety issues. Fire extinguishers should be placed around mechanical equipment using heat transfer oil.

2. If there is any abnormal situation, it must be reported to the relevant personnel immediately, and the staff of the maintenance center should handle it. If any abnormal problem is found during the operation, the emergency stop button should be pressed immediately.
3. Do not use low-quality recycled materials with metal residues or fine sand. Metal objects that may fall cannot be placed around the feed port, so as not to deepen the extruder screw. The material cylinder is damaged or stuck and damaged.
4. The operation process of plastic extruder mechanical equipment should use oil with cleanliness, viscosity and other indicators that meet the requirements, meet the requirements of the water cooler to provide sufficient flow of cooling circulating water, and avoid environmental pollution or compressor lubricating oil. Blockage of hydraulic components and pipes. Damage problems such as oil leakage. The extruder needs to add lubricating oil that meets the requirements to the reducer.
5. The operation process of plastic extruder mechanical equipment should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation steps, and the position of non-operators should not be violated. To ensure the reliability of safety devices, safety protection measures shall not be taken to pursue efficiency and damage equipment.
6. During the operation of the plastic extruder mechanical equipment, the material temperature does not reach the set temperature, the holding time is insufficient, and the extruder screw cannot be started.

7. The operation process is carried out by staff who are familiar with the structural performance and operation steps of the mechanical equipment of the plastic extruder.

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