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Precautions for the operation of the control system of the masterbatch granulator production line

by:TENGDA     2022-11-05

Precautions for the operation of the control system of the masterbatch granulator production line'> Precautions for the operation of the control system of the masterbatch granulator production line

The electrical control of the kneading equipment is roughly divided into two parts: drive control and temperature control, which completes the kneading process including temperature, pressure and cooling.

1. Temperature control of plastic pellet machine host

Plastic wire and cable insulation and sheath extrusion is characterized by viscous movement based on thermoplastic deformation. In addition to the required plastic pellet machine screw and external heating barrel, the plastic melt is extruded, and the screw extrudes the plastic to heat itself, the temperature requirements of the host should be considered as a whole, therefore, only the opening and heating of the heater should not be considered. Closed, also consider the factor of cooling the hot screw. The plastic pellet machine requires correct and reasonable identification of the position and installation method of the thermocouple of the measuring element, and the reading from the temperature control surface can reflect the actual temperature of the component. The precision of the temperature control surface and the system should be well coordinated, and the stability of the temperature control system of the entire plastic pellet machine meets the requirements of various plastic extrusion temperatures.

2. Screw speed control of plastic pellet machine

An important skill in scheduling screw speed and stability of plastic pellet mills requires host transmission. The screw speed directly determines the quantity and speed of the product, and the normal production needs to meet the high-yield demand as far as possible to the speed required by the screw speed of the plastic pellet machine. Because the rotational speed is not firm, the impact and kneading quality is not firm, so if the speed of the traction line is not changed, the cable diameter will be changed.

3. Diameter control of plastic pellet machine

As mentioned above, in order to ensure the size of the product cable diameter, in addition to the need to control the wire core (center) specification, kneading temperature, screw speed and traction equipment, it should also ensure control of the wire speed and outer diameter measurement. In the plastic pellet unit equipment, the outer diameter of the cable should be checked at any time, and the traction or screw speed should be adjusted through the response of the error signal, and the correct diameter should be exceeded.

4. The requirements of the plastic granulator to get the coil tension control

In order to ensure that constant tension is required from empty coils under different line speeds, it is hoped that the wiring equipment can store the line tension adjustment mechanism, or consider the electrical system of constant line speed and constant tension winding, etc.

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