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Precautions for the operation of the main machine of the twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-01-10

Information from Nanjing twin-screw granulator manufacturer: The screw and barrel of the twin-screw granulator are designed according to the principle of building blocks. Different combinations can be made according to the needs. It is very convenient to use and can be used to explain masterbatch, polymer Extrusion of urethane addition polymerization and polyamide polycondensation reaction.

The use and operation of the twin-screw granulator should be carried out in accordance with certain regulations. Today, the Nanjing twin-screw granulator manufacturer-Tengda Machinery will introduce you to the operation of the main machine. matter.

1. The rated voltage and frequency of the host must be controlled at more than 50% of the rated voltage and frequency during normal operation; the rated current of the host is that of the motor The rated current should be controlled below 80% of the rated current during normal operation, leaving room to prevent overload.

2. The operator should regularly check the lubricating oil pressure gauge at the tail of the twin-screw granulator. If it is found to be below 0.05MPa, stop it immediately and check the oil pump, oil circuit and oil pump motor to It can make the transmission gears work normally.

3. The pressure sensor of the machine head is equipped with a data display table. The number of the digital display meter in normal operation cannot exceed 10MPa. Therefore, the staff should always monitor the number on the digital display meter. If it is found to exceed 15MPa, check whether the flow channel is blocked or not, if it is necessary to stop feeding immediately At the same time, reduce the screw speed of the main engine a little bit, and make the number on the digital display meter of the sensor lower than 10MPa. If it still displays abnormally, it must be shut down manually for inspection.

The above Nanjing twin-screw granulator manufacturer-Tengda Machinery introduced the main operation precautions of the twin-screw granulator, and everyone has a certain understanding. When operating the main engine of the twin-screw granulator, you can operate in accordance with the above content requirements to avoid blockage or overloading of the equipment. In addition, when the equipment is running normally, it is necessary to make a record of the operation.

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