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Precautions for the use of plastic granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-01-08

Plastic granulator is used to process waste plastic film, convenient bags, woven bags, daily necessities, beverage bottles and other recycling processing machinery and equipment. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, energy saving and power saving, and automatic production. It has been widely used application. Today, the plastic granulator manufacturer-Nanjing Tengda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will introduce the precautions for the use of the plastic granulator.

1. Regularly check the insulation effect of circuit wires, and always pay attention to the warning contents on the equipment warning signs.

2. Only a single person is allowed to operate the button commands on the plastic granulator electrical control panel, and irrelevant persons are not allowed to chat with the operator.

3. If the hopper and movable parts are blocked, do not handle with iron rods or hands, and must use plastic rods to handle them carefully.

4. Before the power distribution cabinet is powered off, non-professionals must not open the cabinet door, and do not adjust the cutter before the pelletizer is completely stopped.

5. During work, if a power failure occurs, cut off the electrical circuits of each motor and clean up the material in the machine to prevent it from affecting the next production.

6. When contacting high-temperature parts, pay attention to prevent scalding. When the kneader of the plastic granulator is working, the operator should not go deep into the barrel to pick up the material or visit.

7. Operate strictly in accordance with the requirements of the operating specifications to reduce the occurrence of accidents or failures.

8. When the plastic granulator fails, stop the machine immediately and notify the relevant personnel for maintenance.

The above introduces the precautions for the use of the plastic granulator. Everyone has a certain understanding. When operating the plastic granulator, you must let professionals operate. And do it in accordance with the requirements of the specification, and don't make any accidents. For more questions about the plastic granulator, you can consult Nanjing Tengda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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