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Precautions when the plastic extruder is not turned on for a long time

by:TENGDA     2023-01-02
​ Regardless of any machinery and equipment, attention should be paid to daily maintenance work, which can reduce mechanical failures and prolong the service life of the machinery. Plastic extruder is used to produce and process various plastic products to extrude into granules. It is an important equipment for plastic extrusion molding, and it is also the most widely used mechanical equipment in the plastic processing industry. So, what are the main maintenance methods for plastic extruders? TENGDA Machinery believes that there are 4 maintenance methods that must be paid attention to and implemented.
Precautions for maintenance of plastic extruder:
1. Regularly check the parts of the plastic extruder, check whether the detailed parts are loose, whether they need to be reinforced and stable, or the replacement of parts must be handled in time.

2. Check whether the mechanical bearing of the plastic extruder has enough lubricating oil, and ensure the lubrication of the machine bearing.

3. The mechanical equipment of the plastic extruder must be installed in a ventilated position to ensure the normal distribution of the motor's working heat, which can prolong the service life of the machine.

4. Pay attention to the second start of the plastic extruder. First, open the pulley cover and inertia cover regularly, and clear the ash outlet under the flange to prevent the powder discharged from the crusher room from entering the bearing; Clean up the remaining debris inside the plastic extruder to reduce the resistance of the machine to start.

The maintenance of the plastic extruder can not only prolong the service life of the machine, but also reduce the number of repairs and expenses. At the same time, the correct maintenance method is the most effective use of the machine, remember the above four important maintenance methods of the plastic extruder.

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