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Precautions when the twin-screw extruder has not been turned on for a long time

by:TENGDA     2023-01-23
​ When a plastic factory encounters a long holiday, it is inevitable that the use of the twin-screw extruder will be suspended, or it will need to be stopped due to failure, but the twin-screw extruder is not only responsible for the work of a machine, but also needs to be maintained. Moreover, the twin-screw extruder is relatively large, and maintenance is not so simple. In this issue, the editor will introduce to you what needs to be paid attention to when the twin-screw extruder is not started for a long time.

Points to note when the twin-screw extruder has not worked for a long time are:

1. Comprehensively check whether the electrical wiring is accurate and whether the parts are loose.

2. Detect the heating module (heater) of the twin-screw extruder to check whether the insulation resistance is too large.

3. Appropriately add lubricating oil into the body of the twin-screw extruder to lubricate the equipment so as not to damage the equipment during full operation.

4. Confirm whether the twin-screw barrel components of the main engine are complete and whether they are incomplete. If the waste plastics that need to be processed and granulated are not suitable for this extruder, they should be replaced.

5. Check the feeding motor, whether the direction of rotation is consistent with the work requirements. Generally, the main engine rotates clockwise during operation.

6. Clean up debris. When adding new processing materials, it is necessary to ensure that the storage area is clean and free of debris to avoid mixing materials.

7. After checking these items, the twin-screw extruder still cannot be started immediately for operation. It is necessary to take a small part of the material to test the machine to check whether it can fully operate.

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