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Preparation work before starting the twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-01-10

Information about twin-screw extruder manufacturers: Before using the twin-screw granulator, you must first install it correctly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings and documents, and understand the functions of the main engine, electric control cabinet and auxiliary machines. The wiring of the cabinet should be buried in the ground according to the requirements.

Today, the twin-screw extruder manufacturer-Tengda Machinery, will introduce to you the preparations for the twin-screw granulator before starting up.

1. Install the melt sensor and the thermocouples, etc., and check if the components are in good condition after installation.

2. Check whether the electrical wiring is loose, whether the installation is accurate, etc.

3. Measure the insulation resistance of the motor of the twin-screw granulator and the cast aluminum heater to meet the requirements.

4. All upper and lower oil pipes and water pipes must be kept unblocked and leak-free. Check whether the control valves are easily adjusted.

5. Is the combination configuration of the main machine screw and barrel suitable for the material to be processed? If it is not suitable, recombination and adjustment should be carried out.

6. Check the lubrication system. Add lubricating oil to the gear transmission box to the oil level indicated by the oil standard; check the oil circulation system and the oil supply conditions at all points. Check that the steering of the oil pump at the check point is correct, then turn on the oil pump, and check and adjust the oil volume and fuel injection condition of each oil supply point.

7. Clean the hopper and storage bin. After confirming that there is no foreign matter, fill the storage bin with materials, and then the automatic feeder can be started. When the material reaches the predetermined material level, the feeding machine will automatically stop feeding.

Before starting the twin-screw granulator, the corresponding preparations must be made. Various metering and feeding devices must be calibrated on-site according to the requirements of the process, and given The feeding curve of each feeding device, and formulating a trial run plan; also check whether the movement of the transmission system and the screw is abnormal sound.

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