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Reasons for the smoke from the head of the twin-screw extruder granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-10-03

The head of the twin-screw extruder granulator will emit smoke because the feed does not match the speed of the main engine; the viscosity of the vacuum section is not suitable (the temperature is too high, too low, and over-lubricated); the vacuum is too large; the vacuum section Inappropriate screw combination (accuracy of screw and barrel vacuum, reverse conveying and shearing position); excessive head pressure (too many filters or blocking of porous plates);

The overall temperature of extrusion can be lowered, controlled at 150-170 degrees, slightly higher in the front section and slightly lower in the rear section. Replace the vacuum port briquetting block with a large-diameter briquetting block, and the briquetting block here can also be padded with asbestos pads, which is conducive to exhausting. The screw homogenization section, the part behind the vacuum, can be processed with large lead or SK elements to enhance the exhaust and conveying functions. It is better to use a double-row die than a single-row die, and the overall pressure will be more stable after the number of holes increases. The adjustment on some of the above equipment can solve the smoke from the head of the twin-screw extrusion granulator.

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