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Repair method of rotor shaft of twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2023-01-19

​The twin-screw granulator is a twin-screw rotary extrusion production machine. However, when the equipment is in operation for a long time, it is often troubled by the wear and tear of the transmission parts. If the repair is not timely, it will affect the production of the enterprise. If you encounter the wear problem of the rotor shaft of the twin-screw air compressor, in view of this situation, after the first repair effect is not good, the production can no longer be delayed for a long time, and TENGDA polymer material is used for on-site quick repair in time, and the specific repair Proceed as follows:

1. Measure the size of the shaft to be repaired, and treat the surface of the bearing with baking oil.

2. Grind the bearing position of the twin-screw granulator to ensure rough surface and material adhesion.

3. Use absolute ethanol to clean the surface of the bearing to be repaired.

4. Blend the SD7101H material and apply it to the surface of the bearing to be repaired to ensure that there is no air hole inside the material.

5. Heating accelerates the curing of the material, and the material is processed to the original size of the shaft after curing.

6. Clean up the excess material in other positions on the rotor shaft of the twin-screw granulator.

7. Apply a layer of SD7000 release agent on the inner surface of the bearing, and quickly install the bearing in place.

8. Install the outer ring of the bearing in place and wait for the machine to run.

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