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Repair of wear and tear of bearing chamber of reducer of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-17
​ Plastic extruder reducer is a transmission part with high-precision hard tooth surface and thrust seat designed for plastic twin-screw extruder. The reducer is the most important part of the plastic extruder. Once the main shaft bearing is worn or the box bearing chamber is worn, it will have a serious impact on the operation of the entire equipment and cannot produce normally. Although there are many repair methods for this common wear and tear fault, choosing the right one is the real solution to the problem for the enterprise.

In view of the wear problem of the bearing chamber of the reducer of the plastic extruder, the traditional process repair scheme has the following categories:

1. Brush plating repair process

Its advantage is that it can be repaired online, but its disadvantages are very obvious. In the brush-plating process, the brush-plated coating is limited by the amount of wear. Generally, the thickness of the brush-plated coating is less than 0.2mm. When the amount of wear is greater than 0.2mm, the brush plating efficiency will decrease exponentially, and if the brush plating layer is too thick, the brush plating layer will easily fall off during use and the service life will be short.

2. Repair welding machine repair process

It is characterized by high repair accuracy. The disadvantage is that it is easy to cause stress concentration or bending deformation of the parts during the repair process of small parts, and special materials must use special welding processes; the bearing chamber of the reducer cannot be repaired online, and disassembly and transportation will greatly increase the repair cost and repair. Period, and the requirements for machining equipment are extremely high, and the comprehensive cost performance is low, which greatly affects the normal production of the enterprise and increases the maintenance cost.

3. Replace with new parts

For the wear of the bearing chamber of the reducer of the plastic extruder, the comprehensive cost of the replacement method is unacceptable to the enterprise, and it is generally not adopted.

After reading the above introduction, it is relatively difficult to solve the wear of the bearing chamber of the plastic extruder reducer by the traditional process. It requires a lot of disassembly, a lot of manpower, material resources and production time, etc., which has a serious impact on the production of the enterprise. The use of TENGDA polymer materials can make use of the unique mechanical properties and targeted repair process to repair the wear of the bearing chamber online. Secondly, by using the comprehensive advantages of the material itself, such as compression resistance, bending resistance, and elongation rate, it can effectively absorb the impact of external forces, greatly resolve and offset the radial impact force of the bearing on the shaft, and avoid the possibility of gaps. It also avoids the wear and tear of the relative movement of the equipment due to the increase of the gap.

Editor's suggestion: Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the repaired bearing chamber in daily life, ensure sufficient lubricating oil and keep the lubricating oil clean, avoid frequent startup and severe overload and impact, improve assembly quality, and strengthen plastic extrusion machine maintenance management.

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