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Research on twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-10-06

The twin-screw extruder increases the screw speed, which is conducive to the formation, growth and rupture of bubbles, which is conducive to reducing the full length of the material in the screw groove, and enhancing the renewal effect of the material mass transfer surface, which can improve the devolatilization efficiency; , so that the residence time of the material in the devolatilization section is sharply reduced, and the devolatilization efficiency decreases. The twin-screw extruder pelletizer increases the melt temperature, increases the diffusion coefficient and Henry constant, and reduces the melt viscosity, which is beneficial to the devolatilization process. Increasing the residence time of the material in the devolatilization section and increasing the length of the devolatilization section can improve the devolatilization efficiency. Therefore, in the design of the screw structure, it can be considered to increase the length of the exhaust section and use multi-stage exhaust.

The rotational speed of the main screw, the feeding amount and the set temperature of the barrel of the twin-screw extruder are the main factors that affect the devolatilization process in the twin-screw extruder. When these factors change, they will affect the temperature of the material, the filling degree of the screw groove, the residence time and the effective filling length, thus affecting the devolatilization in many ways. For a specific process, there is a better working point, and in the case of stable operation, a higher devolatilization efficiency can be obtained. Appropriately reducing the feeding rate can reduce the filling rate of the exhaust section and improve the devolatilization efficiency; however, too low feeding rate not only reduces the extrusion rate and causes fluctuations, but also cannot form a molten pool because the filling rate is too low. It reduces the efficiency of foaming and devolatilization, so the feeding amount must be moderate.

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