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Rubber extruder structure

by:TENGDA     2022-11-07

Rubber extruder structure
The extruder structure usually consists of barrel, screw, feeding equipment, die (die), heating and cooling equipment, transmission system and other parts.
The main technical parameters of the extruder are: screw diameter, aspect ratio, compression ratio, speed range, screw structure, production capacity, power, etc.
Working principle of rubber extruder
Extrusion molding is a process in which a plastic material with a certain plasticity is continuously pressed out through a mouth under certain conditions to make it a product with a certain cross-sectional shape.
During the advance of the rubber material along the screw, due to the results of mechanical and thermal effects, the viscosity and plasticity of the rubber material have undergone certain changes, becoming a viscous fluid. According to the change of the rubber material in the extrusion process, the screw operation part is generally divided into three parts: the feeding section, the tightening section and the extrusion section according to their different effects.
The features of each section are as follows:
1. Feeding section: also known as solid conveying section, this section starts from the feeding port to the beginning of the melting of the rubber. After the rubber material enters the feeding port, under the pushing effect of the rotating screw, it moves relatively between the thread groove and the inner wall of the barrel, and forms a certain size of micelle.
2. Compression section: also known as plasticizing section, this section starts from the melting of the rubber material until all the rubber material is active. The compression section accepts the micelle sent from the feeding section, compresses it, further softens it, and discharges the air entrained in the rubber to the feeding section.
3. Extrusion section: Also known as the metering section, the rubber material conveyed by the compression section is further pressurized and mixed, and now the rubber material in the thread groove has formed a fully mobile state. Because the rotation of the screw promotes the movement of the rubber material, it is evenly extruded from the flow channel of the die with a certain capacity and pressure.
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