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Temperature principle of twin-screw extruder granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-11-16

In operation, it is important to realize that the barrel heater is not really the main source of heat and has less of an effect on extrusion than we might expect. Rear barrel temperature is more important because it affects tooth engagement.

Plastics that can be extruded by twin screw extruder pelletizers are thermoplastics that melt when heated and solidify again when cooled. Therefore, heat is required during the extrusion process to ensure that the plastic can reach the melting temperature. So where does the heat to melt the plastic come from. Weighbridge feed preheating and barrel/mold heaters may work and are very important at start-up. In addition, the motor input energy, that is, the frictional heat generated in the barrel when the motor turns the screw against the resistance of the viscous melt, is also A significant heat source for all plastics, with the exception of of course small systems, slow screw speeds, high melt temperature plastics and extrusion coating applications.

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