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The composition of twin screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-10-06

The processing part of the twin-screw extruder consists of two co-rotating screw mandrels, screw elements and barrels. The cylinder has a closed cylinder, a feeding cylinder and an exhaust cylinder. The length-diameter ratio of the screw can be adjusted according to the processing technology. Our company has developed various screw elements according to the characteristics and processing technology of different materials. Combined with the processing performance, the material can be conveyed, mixed, kneaded, sheared, devolatilized, Various functions such as reaction and compression, among which the dynamic mixing block for liquid material conveying and reaction type, and the mixing rotor for mixing high filler material or silicone rubber material, etc., have obtained national certificates. In addition to the normal main feeding, side feeding or liquid feeding, our feeding devices also have vertical forced feeding and conical feeding devices, etc. In addition, loss-in-weight multi-channel feeding and metering systems can also be used.

The barrel and screw parts of the twin-screw extruder with processing accuracy are more than 50% longer than the service life of ordinary manufacturers. With strong processing and heat treatment capabilities, we can produce screw extruders of various materials according to customer's process and requirements. Various feeding modes and feeding units can realize the metering and quantitative addition of various materials. Torque, high-speed, high-output gear box raises the domestic extruder to a whole new level. With strong research and development capabilities, we will make various technological innovations representing higher domestic technical standards every year according to the needs of customers and the market.

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