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The correct way to switch colors and materials for plastic extruders

by:TENGDA     2023-01-16

During the actual use of the extruder, due to the needs of customers, we often need to switch continuously, such as producing 80 kg of product A, and then producing 200 kg of product B and so on. Next, Shiyan Machinery will tell you the correct way to switch colors and materials.

1. The batch size of the product should correspond to the size of the plastic extruder. This must be emphasized. Many processors have no plan for production scheduling, and use 75 machines to produce 500-pound orders, resulting in 300 pounds of waste.

2. Write out the procedures for cleaning or dismantling the machine for each product produced. This will help operators plan their time and eliminate their arguments about how much machine head material will be produced.

3. To help the operator, put clean operating tools around the extruder. If the material is changed frequently, then set up a workbench around the extruder to prepare all the necessary things.

4. Study the sequence of raw materials and finished products flowing into and out of the operation site, and arrange them so that operators spend less energy on moving transportation tools.

5. Clear the next product's requirements for machine cleanliness. If you know your next product will require a thorough hand clean, don't waste time and materials messing with the clean. 6. If possible, arrange production in the order of reducing cleaning machines. This means going from a light color to a dark color, and vice versa, you have to do multiple teardowns.
Shiyan Machinery reminds everyone to plan when you actually want to operate the plastic extruder, and then start heating, as long as the temperature reaches the predetermined value, then the barrel is filled.

Most people who see a in operation for the first time are amazed at how well the extruder machine manufacturers is managed.
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