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The development direction of high-speed extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-12-23
For many years, 'high speed, high output' has been the main direction of the development of high-speed extruders. High production efficiency and cost-effectiveness are not only the most concerned by manufacturers, but also the direction that mechanical designers are obsessed with. After the initial development, today All major high-speed extruder production lines pursue high-speed production. The same extruder, but with a higher processing speed is of course the manufacturer's first choice.
Take an ordinary parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder as an example, its speed is usually less than 300r/min, and the output is not high, only below 150kg; but the high-speed extruder can have better extrusion Processing efficiency, its speed can reach 500r/min and above, and the processing output can reach above 250kg/h.
Although the high-speed extruder is so excellent, it is necessary to solve several basic problems of the high-speed extruder from a technical point of view: high-speed and high-torque transmission system; high-precision processing, more reasonable design and high wear-resistant screw and barrel ; and a more timely, more accurate and safer control system for data feedback. Nowadays, some manufacturers of high-speed extruders do not have self-research and development capabilities. First, they 'clone' the products of famous manufacturers, or play 'edge balls' to deceive customers, and the products are inferior in quality and low in price. The speculative behavior of these profiteers not only harmed the interests of customers, but also brought huge resistance to the promotion of high-speed extruders, and also brought great pressure to the development of the entire plastic machine extrusion industry.

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