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The development trend of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-10

1. High efficiency and multifunctional plastic extruder The high efficiency is mainly reflected in the aspects of high constant, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost;

2. Modularization and specialization Modular production can meet the special requirements of different users, shorten the research and development cycle of new products, and strive for a larger market share; professional production can arrange fixed-point production, and even purchase various systems of extrusion molding equipment globally Modules are very beneficial to ensure the quality of the entire period, reduce costs and speed up capital turnover.

3. Modern electronic and computer control technology has been widely used in extruders in intelligent and networked developed countries. On-line detection of the ratio of various raw materials, the current and voltage of the motor and other process parameters of the entire extrusion process, such as melt pressure and temperature, body temperature of each part, main screw and body temperature, main screw and feeding screw The speed, feeding amount, ratio of various raw materials, etc. Some companies use online remote monitoring, diagnostics and control to control extrusion lines. This is very beneficial to ensure the stability of process conditions and improve the precision of products.

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